PPE is here to stay

America’s Essential Workers need the essential supplies that protect them as they keep this nation running. We’re talking about first responders, doctors, nurses and technicians, of course. But Personal Protective Equipment has become part of the standard uniform for millions of other workers, from cashiers to bus drivers to workers in the protein industry.

The demand for PPE will remain high even after the current pandemic becomes an endemic.

SafeSource Direct is here to provide an American-made solution to the USA’s demand for PPE.

Unmatched capabilities

SafeSource Direct is shipping PPE all over the United States from its facilities in Broussard, La.

The nitrile glove factory is turning out thousands of gloves a day, and SafeSource will add production lines every month until the plant becomes the nation’s largest maker of medical-grade gloves.

In its SMS facility nearby, SafeSource is producing is currently producing Level 1 and 3 surgical ear loop and surgical tie masks, standard three-ply procedure masks, bouffant hair covers, shoe covers, and will soon be making N95 respirators.

SafeSource’s ability to produce, warehouse and ship PPE means that our customers can depend on a 130% flex guarantee of these essential products.

Vertical Integration

At SafeSource, we make sure we have ready access to our sources of raw materials

The COVID experience has taught us that during a crisis, you need your essential supplies close at hand.

That’s why SafeSource is not only producing state of the art PPE; we are also producing the raw materials we need to make our PPE.

SafeSource Direct has built a factory on site to produce the nonwoven fabric needed to make our woven PPE products. And we’re building a plant on our site to produce NBR – the raw material used to make nitrile gloves used by essential workers – for our glove plant. The base chemicals are readily available nearby.

This will enable Safe Source Direct to be the first and only U.S. complex completely integrating nitrile glove production, from raw material, to NBR to finished product.

Because we make the raw materials and the finished products on the same site, we are reducing our carbon footprint as we reduce the variables that could impact the delivery of our products to our customers. And ultimately, we are reducing the USA’s dependence on foreign suppliers.

SafeSource is bringing automotive knowhow to solve the nation’s PPE dilemma

The team behind SafeSource Direct made itself known as a Tier One supplier for some of the America’s top automobile manufacturers, including Mercedes Benz US International. Now the SafeSource team is automating and ensuring quality across their entire line of PPE products by applying the skills they learned in one of the world’s most exacting industries.

SafeSource Direct is the only U.S. provider-owned PPE manufacturer

Ochsner Health, one of the nation’s leading health systems, is both an owner and a customer of SafeSource Direct, making SafeSource the only U.S. provider-owned PPE manufacturer with U.S. provider-owned quality control. Vizient, the nation’s largest group purchasing organization, has signed on with SafeSource as well.

SafeSource customers can be assured that our products meet the quality standards of health care experts who liter

Our Products


SafeSource Direct makes a wide array of high quality personal protection equipment right here in America. And we deliver it with industry leading guarantees. With two manufacturing plants, new state of the art equipment, and a customer-focused attitude, SafeSource Direct is "America's trusted source for PPE." With every SafeSource Direct order you can rest easy knowing that American workers are taking pride in their jobs and standing behind every product we make. From your initial order, to manufacturing, to packaging and on-time delivery, we stand behind our products as if we are making them for our own family members.

About SafeSource Direct

America relies on its essential workers. That's why America's companies rely on SafeSource Direct. 

SafeSource Direct makes quality personal protection equipment right here in America and delivers it with industry leading guarantees. 

For too long our nation has depended on foreign suppliers for PPE resulting in critical shortages when needed most. Supply chain disruptions, distributor issues, and poor quality have put the safety of our essential workers at risk.

From two new manufacturing plants in Broussard, Louisiana, SafeSource Direct uses lessons learned from just-in-time automotive production along with advanced automation to guarantee quality products at prices competitive with those of foreign suppliers. By purchasing directly from SafeSource Direct, our customers can depend on “on-time” delivery - every time.

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SafeSource Direct is searching for team members who share our values of excellence, kindness and commitment to join us in our mission to supply America’s essential workforce providers the critical personal protection equipment they rely upon to insure the safety of their most valuable assets.