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SafeSource Direct offers American-made personal protective equipment that your business can count on for durable and diverse PPE solutions.

Buying American PPE is Smart ESG Policy

Buying American PPE is Smart ESG Policy

There are many reasons to choose SafeSource Direct as your supplier for PPE. As a 100% American-owned, -operated, and -based PPE manufacturer, quality is certainly the first and foremost reason. There’s also the fact that SafeSource Direct is the only PPE manufacturer built in partnership with one of America’s leading healthcare providers—Ochsner Health. 

This partnership with clinicians results in provider-supervised quality control that assures you never have to worry about inferior materials, additives, or used equipment in your PPE orders. And since all our PPE is sourced and manufactured in the U.S., there is never the uncertainty that comes with foreign-dependent supply chains as we saw during the pandemic. 

But there’s another compelling reason to choose SafeSource Direct. Today, many organizations in healthcare and other industries are making strategic decisions based on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. SafeSource Direct is the obvious choice for those companies. 

SafeSource Direct’s American-made PPE ensures you never have to worry about neither substandard foreign products that rely on inhumane working conditions nor the environmental impact of overseas shipping. 

Regarding the latter, SafeSource Direct customers are able to significantly cut their carbon emissions by purchasing PPE from a domestic manufacturer – as just one overseas cargo ship voyage can emit the equivalent CO2 output of 50 million cars. 

To bring that closer to home, let’s say your organization uses 2,000 boxes of gloves per year, shipped from China roughly some 10,500 km away. By cutting out just the overseas shipping, your organization could keep 262,500 grams of CO2 equivalent from being emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere every year!  (This figure relies on the calculation that 1 ton of freight [2,000 1-pound boxes of gloves] transported 1 km by a modern ship emits around 25 g of CO2.)

Now consider the carbon impact of the 100 billion gloves used in the U.S. each year. If all U.S. consumption was domestically sourced, 283 million cars worth of CO2 pollution would be kept out of the air each year.

SafeSource Direct, with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Louisiana, is ready to provide America’s PPE without maritime shipping and the carbon emissions that come with it. 

Furthermore, with its safe American working conditions and high wages, SafeSource Direct helps organizations ensure they are not supporting manufacturers that utilize forced labor, fail to provide living wages, and have inhumane working conditions.

As organizations and their customers become conscious of their impact on the world and seek to be better global citizens, SafeSource Direct is not just the wise decision—it’s one you can actively promote and communicate to your employees, customers, and partners as a more responsible decision with real global impacts.