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Ochsner Health visits SafeSource Direct to see progress and provide feedback on PPE

Ochsner Health visits SafeSource Direct to see progress and provide feedback on PPE


SafeSource Direct was excited to welcome representatives from Ochsner Health to their SMS and Nitrile Glove plants in Broussard, Louisiana on Tuesday, April 26. As the 1-year anniversary of SafeSource’s groundbreaking approaches, this was an important time to update all parties in this joint venture on the incredible progress that has taken place during such a brief time.

“This is a great opportunity to show how far we have come in our first year and to get feedback from some of the nation’s leading healthcare providers,” said Justin Hollingsworth, CEO of Safe Source Direct. “We want to ensure we are producing the highest quality PPE for our healthcare workers by hearing directly from the experts who will be working with these products.”

The group from Ochsner, which included a wide range of administrative associates and clinical personnel, toured the SMS facility at 200 St. Nazaire Road to see how procedural masks are manufactured to evaluate the finished product.  

The group then toured the nitrile glove plant at 142 Lake Talon Road where they were able to see the first two glove manufacturing lines in operation. The tours culminated in a discussion session where representatives from both companies collaborated on future plans.

“Taking care of our patients and protecting our healthcare workers is our priority at Ochsner Health. At the onset of COVID, we realized that PPE was a precious commodity and we went through great lengths to conserve it wherever possible while at the same time keeping our patients and employees safe,” said Dr. Katherine Baumgarten, Medical Director of Infection Control and Prevention at Ochsner Health. “There is now a sense of relief to know that we will have PPE available to us in our own backyard, and it’s coming from a safe, reliable source. The products have been designed to meet the high-quality standards that we require to protect those caring for our patients. I am so grateful that Ochsner Health has taken this step to ensure that healthcare workers across the country will have the protection they need, so that we can focus on giving the very best care.”

Ochsner and SafeSource officials discussed the current product line, as well as conversations around sales opportunities, marketing and communications plans, and a financial update. Attendees from both organizations were optimistic about future plans and enthusiastic about continuing to work closely together.