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SafeSource Representatives Take Part in Make PPE in America Industry Day

SafeSource Representatives Take Part in Make PPE in America Industry Day

SafeSource Direct team members traveled to Washington, DC last week to participate in Make PPE In America Industry Day. The federal government organized the event to discuss opportunities, estimates, regulations, and resources surrounding the federal government and its organizations' procurement of PPE. 

The pandemic exposed the now well-known gaps in our country's PPE management, including how susceptible we were to rapid increases in global demand and how dependent we were on foreign markets for our essential supplies. Since then, the federal government has enacted multiple policies that ensure PPE is readily available when the time comes.

During the conference in D.C., top representatives for the HHS, NIH, DHS, and others spoke about their organization's specific needs, demand forecasts, and innovative procedures that will bolster America's federal agencies' response to the next unforeseen catastrophe, as well as its standard practices for purchasing PPE domestically.  

As America's leading manufacturer of PPE, SafeSource Direct is taking an active role in strengthening the PPE supply chain, lowering carbon emissions, and ensuring America's workforce is equipped with the highest-quality PPE available. In addition, with production taking place in America, SafeSource is able to support the federal government's action plan through its ability to quickly expand production to meet demand, ship products rapidly and reliably, and maintain a reserve of unexpired PPE for emergency use.