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SafeSource Direct offers American-made personal protective equipment that your business can count on for durable and diverse PPE solutions.

The SafeSource Direct 130% Guarantee

The SafeSource Direct 130% Guarantee

Say Goodbye to Only Receiving Part of Your Order

During the height of the pandemic, at the very times when the need for PPE was at its most critical, essential providers across the nation received only portions of the orders they’d actually placed. These incomplete orders put our frontline workers in very difficult and potentially hazardous situations.


SafeSource Direct was founded by U.S. healthcare and manufacturing leaders to address these issues by ensuring a more dependable supply of PPE with reduced reliance on unreliable and often substandard foreign sources. Today, SafeSource Direct is increasing the resilience of America’s PPE supply with its ability to increase production capacity when demand requires.


“With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and highly sophisticated operations in Broussard, Louisiana, we’ve built in 130% flex capacity to enable us to rapidly increase production to meet the fluid needs of essential providers across the U.S.,” said Justin Hollingsworth, CEO of SafeSource Direct.


Providing high-quality, dependable PPE is SafeSource Direct’s sole focus, guaranteeing more resilient supply chains for our nations essential workforce providers and offering job opportunities right here on American soil.