To supply America’s essential workforce providers the critical personal protective equipment they rely upon to ensure the safety of their most valuable assets.


Excellence begins with attitude. At SafeSource Direct, attitude is a choice we make. Nothing short of excellence will do. It drives us to consistently deliver quality products, on time, every time.

Excellence is top of mind at SafeSource Direct.


Few things are as encouraging or healing as a friendly smile and a kind word. At SafeSource Direct, we will treat each other, our customers, our suppliers and our communities in a kindly way. We will treat them as we would want them to treat us.

Kindness is at the heart of SafeSource Direct.


While we may be many, we are one team, one family, wholly committed to the welfare of our customers, each other, and the communities in which we live. Every single day we will demonstrate commitment by going the extra mile and doing the right thing. 

Commitment is our promise.